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Multiple rolls cutting sheeter
This multiple rolls cutting sheeter series has the dual shafts mount unwinding stations for tissue and very thin paper rolls converting It cuts the paper rolls up to 16 rolls in its converting history

  Technical specifications
  Model  RCHM1400   RCHM1600   RCHM1800   RCHM1900   RCHM2100   RCHM2300
  Maximum feeding width   1400mm    1600mm    1800mm    1900mm    2100mm    2300mm
  TYPE    Single helical knife, bottom dead, top rotary
  Substrate film thickness   15-550gsm
  Cutting accuracy   ±0.5mm
  Maximum cutting speed   300m/min
  Cutting length range   400-1450mm  (custom-made 200-800mm ,maximum 1600mm)
  Maximum unwinding diameter   1000mm
  Maximum unwinder load   3tons
  Maximum stacking height    1300mm (custom made on demands)
  Gross weight   10tons   13/16/18/21tons
  Maximum unwinding roll loading   16 rolls on dual air shafts mount unwinding stations