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Self-Mailer Pressuer Sealer Double Sided Self-Mai Single Part Form Burster /Folder Continuous Form Burster Jumbo Roll Collator Gluer Pack to Pack Pin Ma Servo Control Busines Business Form Rotary Collator Gluer Continuous Form Perfo
Name:Self-Mailer Pressuer Sealer
Description:RCHM500E is a high speed self-mailer pressure sealer for self mailer making It is used for separating the continuous gummed form mailer, then folding the separated self mailer sheets, then press sealing on the gummed pressure sensitive adhesive More>>
Name:Double Sided Self-Mailer Gumming Machine
Description:RCHM500D is a double sided continuous self mailer gumming machine, it has the functions of double side gumming, drying, continuous folding, and optional die sheet cutting after gumming More>>
Name:Single Part Form Burster /Folder
Description:RCHM470PJ-B2 is an office use continuous form burster wihtout tractor for pin holes punched form and non pin holes punched fom feeding It is used to sheet the continuous form into sheets from horizontal line and stacking on conveyer It can work on singl More>>
Name:Continuous Form Burster
Description:RCHM470BSV is latest form collator burster as an automatic burster to collate multi part forms then separate the form sheet from continuous form The optional numbering unit can number the multiple parts forms More>>
Name:Jumbo Roll Collator Gluer
Description:RCHM-J form roll collator gluer is a full automatic machine for printed form rolls collating and gluing to make the bank pin mailers, Continuous POS forms ,various pocket airway bills, EMS bills and other type courier bills More>>
Name:Pack to Pack Pin Mailer Collator Gluer
Description:RCHM500PYS Pack to pack pin mailer collating gluing machine is used for security pin mailer and pos Paper collating It also can be used for pack to pack form collating up to 6 parts It is also available to make small size pin mailers with optional parts More>>
Name:Servo Control Business Form Collator
Description:RCHM450PY-4D E series of form collator is Servo controlled size change form collator, The custom-made model 450PY-4E is dual numbering collator for vertical and horizontal numbering or double horizontal numbering It is PLC controlled size change on diffe More>>
Name:Business Form Rotary Collator Gluer
Description:RCHM500PY Form collator is a perforating cylinder and gears change type rotary collator for different zig-zag continuous form collating up to 6 parts It is a faster collator with folding form conveying table More>>
Name:Continuous Form Perforating Folding Machine
Description:The latest developed full auto continuous form machines RCHM500DA 4J are full auto controlled line for plain international 11 size or other size multiple parts precisely converting and 1part continuous form converting The multiple parts continuous fo More>>