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About Us

Rich Industry Holding Company, Ltd. Is an international holding company in the industrial automation sector. Rich Machinery, the brand name for Rich Industry Holding Company, Ltd., is a creator and vendor of high quality machines with advanced technology and excellent industrial design. Rich Machinery provides complete solutions for the paper converting and commercial printing industries.

Rich Machinery has many different types of paper converting machines. The RCHM series of converting machines are ideal choice for paper manufacturers, paper converters and commercial printers.

  • ●    RCHM 1400/1600/1700/1900/2300
  • ●    These are a series of paper sheeters consisting of a single-knife sheeter or dual-helix knife sheeter for all types of paper rolls, PVC, PET and PP rolls, paperboard rolls and       register-marked printed paper roll cutting.
  • ●    RCHM-FQ1100/1030/920/700/500 series of thermal paper roll slitter rewinders. These include:
  • ●    Shaftless Fully-automatic line
  • ●    Semi-automatic line
  • ●    Manual line

Rich Machinery also provides all kinds of plain and printed small cash register rolls, Point-of-Sale rolls, ATM rolls, carbonless rolls, lottery rolls
and ticket rolls. They allow core-less rewinding, cored rewinding,  or shaft-less rewinding.

  • ●    RCHM 500DA/DN/4J series of fully automatic continuous form perforation and folding machines.
  • ●    These are used for all kinds of single-part or multi-part plain continuous form creation. The 500DN/4J series are highly precise and automatically-controlled machines to create       forms for continuous printing or matrix print use.
  • ●    RCHM 1400/1600/1800/2000CS Series of wider center surface slitter rewinders
  • ●    Available in single-drum rewinding shaft or double-drum double-rewinding shaft models
  • ●    Has high and very stable rewinding speed

Rich Machinery drives technological innovation with the RCHM series of business form press and chart paper printing machines. The RCHM series of recording paper printing machines and double-size cylinder presses are for multi-purpose commercial printing. Both machine types enable highly precise commercial printing and provide complete solutions for printing operations of all types.

The RCHM series of after-print processing machines are very cost-effective for our customers. Their designs are market oriented and driven by customers paper products mix complete customer production lines. Rich Machinery brings advantages in both technology and creative innovation that keep us as the leading supplier in the commercial printing industry.
These after-print RCHM solutions include:

  • ●    Business form burster
  • ●    Business form collator
  • ●    Pin mailer collator gluer
  • ●    Jumbo roll collator gluer
  • ●    Self-mailer gumming machinery
  • ●    Pressure sealers

Rich Industry Holding Company, Ltd is widely recognized as the pioneering manufacturer of highest-quality paper handing machines in the Chinese market. Our mission is to manufacture and sell high-level automation solutions to promote innovation in the paper and printing industries. Rich Machines creative solutions and advanced technology have propelled our customers in their own leadership positions in the paper converting and commercial printing industries.

Rich Machinery provides excellent, fast turn-around service and support after the sale so you can be assured that your investment in our products will be maximized for years to come. We are devoted to making our customers successful!